Homestuck Art Assets

A vast amount of sprites, backgrounds, bases, items, and everything you need for making your own art and fanventures. Most of the original sprites come from the dead Majhost archive, which was not credited. Credits have been included when found.

Uncategorized assets (mostly from the MSPFA Discord #resources channel, many redundant to the ones below) can be found here. Please help me categorize all of these by submitting pull requests to the Github page.

Human Sprite Sheets

Transparent sprite sheets for the Homestuck humans.

Troll Sprite Sheets

Transparent sprite sheets for the Homestuck trolls.

Misc Sprite Sheets

Sprites for monsters, NPCs and other aliens of the Homestuck universe.

Weapons, Props, Bases and Clothing

Transparent sprite sheets with weapons and clothing to layer over your or Homestuck's characters. As well as bases to draw your customization on.

FX and Attack Sprite Sheets

Mostly from Collide, these sprite sheets contain fraymotifs and other attack sprites for you to use in fight scenes and the like.

Walkaround Assets

Assets from Homestuck's walkarounds, like levels and talksprites.

House Assets

Homestuck furniture, rooms and paraphernalia related to the environments characters walk around in.

Incipisphere Assets

Planets, horrorterrors, Skaian environments for your personal use.

Background Assets

Panel backgrounds and every asset useful for placing behind the focus of the action.

Character Semi-sprites

Both resources and an art study on the art style between Sprite Mode and Hero Mode, used throughout the early acts of Homestuck.


Full Homestuck Flash Extracts

An exhaustive set of assets used in Homestuck flashes and extracted by GiovanH. Mostly included above, but some extremely specific stuff is found within this download. [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]