Homestuck Analysis

Long-form literary analyses about the Homestuck franchise, from theories to theses. If you have anything you'd like to add to this list, please use the Contact page.

Homestuck Trivia: Obvious Things You Missed

Cataloguing common pieces of trivia and things people missed was the duty of the posters at the now dead Obvious Things You Missed threads. This is an archive of everything they felt worth cataloguing, with some modern additions.




A third reread turned into a literary analysis series, Bavitz (an internationally read writer under a pseudonym) goes through the early parts of Homestuck and extracts every piece of meaning he can from them.



Regularly-Updated Theorylist

BladekindEyewear was the biggest Homestuck theorist and analyst up to 2016, to the point he was referenced during the Union Jack section of Homestuck. Here is a list of his most important theories, from The Ultimate Riddle, to Classpect inversion, to the ones he actually got right.


Drew Linky

Drew's Homestuck Articles

A moderator of /r/homestuck took it upon himself to write journalistic articles on many fandom topics. Examples include interviewing Gankro and the Homestuck Music Team, and longform articles on Land of Fans and Music and RPGStuck.


K. Veale

Friendship isn't an emotion fucknuts

A full, properly published literary paper by a professor of Media Studies on "manipulating affective materiality to shape the experience of Homestuck's story". Those who understand that will definitely enjoy the paper.


J. Short

Let Me Tell You About Homestuck

A 91 page master's thesis (for a Master of Arts in English) about Homestuck that claims to investigate the potential for the "online production of place".


F. Wortmann


A 232 page thesis of annotations and commentary on Homestuck through Act 5 Act 2 by a Doctor in English Literature.


A. Litwhiler

From Pulp to Webpage: Homestuck and Postmodern Digital Narrative

A 100 page honors English thesis that analyzes Homestuck as a graphic novel and examines its multimedia aspects and how it relates to the Internet.


Nicole Baumann

Who Weeps for These Marios?: An Analysis of Death in Homestuck

A university honors program thesis that analyzes Homestuck's relationship with death, and the video game logic used to portray it.


Tex Talks

Homestuck OutDepth

Often just known as "Tex Talks", this is a very clever video analysis series focused on specific aspects of Homestuck, like the ties to Computer Science, Platonic Realism and more.



THE Homestuck Meta Theory

A 20-minute video that tries to explain what Hussie was going for when he made his controversial, nigh nonsensical ending. Surprisingly convincing.




A video series "full of fridge facts and theories" about the cast and plot of Homestuck. Very influenced by fanon theories.



Homestuck: The Internet's Ulysses

IS Homestuck the Internet's Ulysses? This podcast is on a seven episode (and growing) quest to find out.


PBS Idea Channel

Is Homestuck the Ulysses of the Internet?

A very popular video at the time, a man talks to the camera for 6 minutes about how Homestuck is the internet's next masterpiece and comparable to James Joyce's Ulysses.


Sarah Z

A Brief History of Homestuck

A two hour essay on the history of the fandom, how it rose and how it fell apart, as well as the legally compromised history of Hiveswap, the kickstarted game.

See also: the follow-up video about Andrew Hussie and What Pumpkin trying to sue her over nothing.


The Fandom Files

The Complicated Story of the Homestuck Fandom

A 40 minute video essay on the rough history of the comic and the fandom. Useful if you want to look at the status of today's and make a comparison.