Homestuck Stats

Statistical analyses, numbers and data about the Homestuck franchise. If you have anything you'd like to add to this list, please use the Contact page.

The Homestuck Timeline

A timeline with the most important events of Homestuck and its fandom, from its rise to its fall and everything in between. Not to be confused by a timeline of the characters in the actual comic.


MS Paint Adventures: Statistics

MSPA stories broken down across five different measures: time in the real world, page count, word count, image count, and image file size. A lot of other stats about the webcomic, up to Act 7.



Measuring Homestuck

A collection of 2013 metrics of the Homestuck webcomic. Similar to ReadMSPA, but with some stats not found anywhere else, like complexity per page.


Homestuck Trend Analysis

A 2019 analysis of Homestuck's Google Trends graph: what caused trends to rise, what caused them to go down. Not scientifically solid, but might have some interesting trivia.


K. Pigliacelli, M. Zuzack

Exploring Homestuck

Two amateur researchers explore the ways that Andrew Hussie, the author of the webcomic Homestuck, distinguishes the stylistic voice of various characters. This comes with fun stats like unique word count and adjusted profanity, as well as something called Topic Modeling. Sadly, only up to Act 4.


Pointless Homestuck Statistics

How many characters have died? Which are the ones that most often say fuck? These and more questions are answered inside.



Homestuck Fanfiction Statistics

A group of stats pulled from AO3 across time. Has some interesting shipping conclusions based on the fanfic posted there.