About Homestuck.net

The Homestuck franchise is suffering from canon entropy, over a decade later. Websites die, sources go missing, fans leave the fandom and projects are abandoned. The collapse of the MSPA forums led to the complete loss of innumerable fanworks, a cultural impact on the fandom that is still being felt years later. This also happened twice to the MSPAF Discord, losing a vast amount of resources forever. The wider internet is not immune to this problem, and it is likely that a significant number of fandom projects will be lost to time.

Homestuck.net aims to fix that problem and make Andrew Hussie's claim of “handing Homestuck to the fandom” literal by giving fans a safe place to host, show off and archive their projects and websites permanently, as well as offering tools and resources to help them. This project is run by conscientious and invested Homestuck fans with years of experience in archival and web hosting projects, and we'll pay the server costs forever.

Don't hesitate in asking us for help. Whatever barriers you think exist are only in your mind.

Use the Homestuck.net Contact page, show off your project, and help us heal the Homestuck fandom.

The Public Domain footer refers only to the content made by us, not the fanworks by other people, which retain their respective licenses.