Homestuck Music Miscellanea

Some music resources, content and websites that wouldn't fit anywhere else.

Homestuck Sound Test

Started by Niklink and curated by Sanctferum, The Homestuck Sound Test is an unofficial collection of several otherwise scattered, and, in some cases, unavailable Homestuck musical tracks, primarily those created by the Homestuck Music Team. 937 tracks have been archived. The 2018 edition of the Sound Test is included in the Homestuck Archives, this is the 2020 version.

Homestuck and MSPA Music Wiki

While it's been superseded by the easier to browse HS Music Wiki, the original wiki contains a lot of information that isn't neither there nor here, especially track trivia and information on albums and music not strictly related to Homestuck.


LumiRadio was a for-profit Homestuck music radio station by luminantAegis running on Youtube for many years. Radio moderator and developer cozyGalvanism decided to bring it back on his own in late 2023 after a hardware failure, this time as a non-profit, and as a proper radio and not a Youtube stream, keeping the name to honor the original. Comes with a Discord bot to request songs. Open Source.

Skaianet Radio

Another internet radio service that allows you to listen to a massive list of official and fanmade tracks, 24/7. Comes with an online chat.

Homestuck Track Art Anthologies

Some official albums in the Homestuck bandcamp lack unique track art. The fandom's taken the mission to make it into their own hands a few times now, and the result are track art anthologies, collections of images based on Homestuck songs that you can embed into the track themselves if you wish.


Homestuck Track Art Backups

After What Pumpkin and Viz Media collapsed the former 20 something albums into 9 macro-releases, a huge amount of track arts were lost. This is an archive of all the track art used in the entire Bandcamp page.

Homestuck Album Community Stream Recordings

In 2016, the /r/homestuck community started organizing synchronized album streams for each new fanmusic release. These continue to this very day, and this is an archive of stream recordings. Most of these are thanks to Ngame. Additionally, TheMisterPenguins managed to record our Homestuck Vol. 10 stream.

Homestuck Track Reviews

A very, very extensive series of track and album reviews by beat-bro on Tumblr.

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