Homestuck Fan Albums

An exhaustive list of music albums made by the Homestuck fandom throughout the years. Click on the album covers to listen to them. Most information taken from the Homestuck and MSPA Music Wiki, many resources taken from the Skaianet Download DB.

Homestuck Gaiden

The official Homestuck Music Team under a different label, wanting to release albums made without Andrew's explicit approval

Homestuck for the Holidays

An unofficial album made to commemorate Christmas, released on December 25, 2010. The album features Christmas-themed arrangements of previously released Homestuck songs, occasionally mixed with popular Christmas tunes. At the time of release, the album was provided upon donation to Child's Play Charity.

Jailbreak Vol. 1

An unofficial album released on October 16, 2011. The album is themed around Jailbreak, the first story created by Andrew Hussie under the MS Paint Adventures umbrella series. The album consists almost entirely of chiptunes and encapsulates a retro atmosphere. The name is merely a reference to the many Homestuck Volume albums released throughout the comic's run, and no further Jailbreak volumes have been released.

Unofficial MSPA Fans

The biggest and first group of fan-musicians, home of the Land of Fans and Music, also other releases under the label

Land of Fans and Music 1-4

A growing collection of Homestuck fan albums featuring music by musicians (mostly) outside the Homestuck music team. The first one, a compilation of the best fan music of the time, was originally released on July 30, 2011.

LOFAM 2-4 continued to provide compilations of exceptional Homestuck fan-music in 2012, 2013 and 2017.


An imagining of a "generic SBURB soundtrack", featuring video game-style music corresponding to elements and scenarios common across all sessions of SBURB. Released November 24, 2012.


A fan album centered around the pre-Scratch (Beforan) trolls, released on April 10, 2016. The Unofficial MSPA Fans hosted this album, but it was lead by a different team headed by Blackhole/NTP. Also came with its own comedic companion album, Bee-forus: Seatbelt Safebee.

Weird Puzzle Tunes

An unofficial fan album based around Problem Sleuth, Andrew Hussie's third story in the MS Paint Adventures series and the immediate predecessor to Homestuck. The 20-track album contains a mixture of chiptunes and jazz. Released on March 10, 2017.


In ancient pasts, the original troll ancestors roamed the lands, paving the way for the twelve trolls that would play a game that would eventually decide the fate of not just their own world, but the world they would beget. ANCESTRAL tells the tale of these historical figures, of their legends, their triumphs and their failures. Released on August 27, 2017.


Deep in the furthest ring, a dozen vivid worlds lie within an incipisphere, ready to test the dozen trolls inhabiting them. Xenoplanetarium is the story of these worlds, a smaller album that serves as a guide through the alien mythos of each. Released on December 8, 2017.

Gristmas Carols

Beyond Earth, the coming of the apocalypse, and the birth of a new world within the cusp of Skaia, one might question the continued relevance of traditional Yuletide festivities born of reverence for an Earth Jegus. Those people would also happen to be dead wrong. Happy Holidays, Homestucks. Here are some Gristmas Carols for you to enjoy. Released on December 25, 2017.

Cosmic Caretakers

Behind every great hero lie the guiding hands that ushered them towards the fulfilment of their fate; Guardians who were setting the stage long before our cast of heroes and heroines first made their entrance. These Cosmic Caretakers are scattered across Paradox Space, preparing those chosen by Skaia for the journeys ahead of them. This album tells their stories. Released on February 17, 2019.

Moons of Theseus

A fan album made as a tribute to Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido, the official Homestuck album. Features many poppy vocal songs and remixes of the original ones. Released on June 8, 2019.

Paradox Music Team

A collective started by new faces, known for faster paced releases

Stable Time Loops and Paradoxes 1-3

Much like LOFAM, this is a series of compilations of Homestuck-themed fanmusic, with volumes released in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

There's also a joke companion album to the first, The Baby is STLaP 2.

Alternate Hues and Melodies

A fan album about the twelve main trolls. Released June 12, 2018.


A riff on the official Alterniabound album, this time with the dancestors trolls from Beforus. Released June 12, 2019.

Pascal "PotatoBoss" van den Bos

The Strider Mixtape

A solo album of songs themed around Dave and Dirk Strider. Released July 19, 2019.

Chris "TimelessHeir" Hafling

The Nobles

From the depths of the Medium to the edge of the Furthest Ring, The Nobles tackles it all in a 14 track album based on the setting of the Alpha Session. Released October 25, 2019.

Andrew "Rainy" Obeng

On the Rox

The rare and highly sought after Roxy solo album. 18 tracks. Released December 4, 2019.

Cool and New Music Team

Originally created to make a soundtrack for the CANWC fanventure, it's also released purely Homestuck-themed albums

Homestuck Vol. 11

A Homestuck album based on a 2016 joke image predicting the future of the official soundtrack. The team worked hard to bring every single joke name to life in the form of some amazing songs. Released July 20, 2018.

Homestuck^2: Beyond CanMT Vol. 1

The first and only album based on the extracanonical Homestuck continuation. Suprisingly lacking in shitposts. Released December 25, 2019.

Unofficial Music Team Solo Albums

Releases of Homestuck by official team members that didn't make it to Gaiden or the official soundtrack

Toby "Radiation" fox

The Baby is You

The Baby is You is a rock opera about Dave becoming pregnant with John's baby, and Karkat having to officiate his birth. Initially created to make fun of an absurd ruling in the now defunct MSPA Forums, it's now become a classic to fans everywhere. Released September 27th, 2010.


Tomb of the Ancestors

An album themed around the ancestors of the beta trolls from Universe A2. Tomb of the Ancestors features a jagged mix of cinematic instruments and dark electronic accompaniments. Released November 17, 2011.

Thomas Ferkol


A series of songs by Thomas "EidolonOrpheus" Ferkol which were originally planned as part of an album themed around Homestuck protagonist Rose Lalonde. Track art from The Seer and the Tribesmen used in place of the nonexistent album art. Released June 24, 2012.

Alexander Rosetti

A Plumbthroat Christmas

A a five-track story CD by Alexander Rosetti, which details a non-canon Christmas story starring Squiddles antagonist Skipper Plumbthroat and a cast of other Squiddles characters. Rather than music, the album consists of character dialogue and environmental foley.

Robert J! Lake

Stuckhome Syndrome

A 413-track collection of all miscellaneous unreleased music created by Lake for Homestuck. Though some fully fleshed out songs are included, the collection is largely comprised of short loops and concepts. Released April 13, 2016.


Strife 2

A sequel to Tensei's Homestuck solo album, Strife!, it was unofficially released on March 13, 2017 after successful crowdfunding from the fans. With 12 main tracks, 5 beta tracks, and 3 bonus tracks, Strife 2 is a collection of hard rock and metal music with a variety of flavours.

Other fanmade albums

Homestuck-inspired solo albums made by fans


There's No Place Like Home

A Homestuck Prog Rock Medley composed of 56 minutes of metal/rock remixes transitioning smoothly into each other. Also available with visuals and transitions on Youtube. Released April 15, 2020.


7th Gate Project

A series of four songs created by Yan "konec0" Mai "around June 2011". Each song is a medley of the official Homestuck themes associated with their respective Homestuck protagonist: John, Rose, Dave, and Jade.

Lark Mordancy

Play the Rain

A collection of songs released by Lark Mordancy on July 14, 2012. Features Homestuck tracks that place a focus on piano, celesta, glockenspiel, and other delicate instruments.


Shenanigans: MSPA

A fan album by SparksD2145, also known by his other alias, AutoDevote. The album features a broad number of mostly electronic songs inspired by Homestuck and often based on existing Homestuck motifs. It was released on September 22, 2012.

Walt Ribeiro

Homestuck For Orchestra

An album of orchestral remixes of well-known Homestuck songs. Released October 16, 2012.

Ian "myusernamesmud" White


A fan album by Ian "myusernamesmud" White, featuring official Homestuck songs mashed up with the lyrics of "GameBro (Original 1990 Mix)" and "GameGrl (Original 1993 Mix)" from the original soundtrack. Released on November 9, 2012.


Press Start

A fan album comprised of mostly chiptune with some occasional variation in soundfont choice, these songs are based on the characters in Homestuck. Released between August 2012 and December 2012.

Willow Ascenzo

Rust Apocalypse

An album that features epic cinematic arrangements of the three Ascenzo tracks on coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A , as well as some original songs. The original and a remastered track were released in 2013 and 2014.


Devieus Land EPs

As a personal exercise, Devieus released an EP every month for a year based on one of the twelve Lands from the beta trolls' Incipisphere. The tracks use a variety of soundfonts to adhere to their respective EP's theme. Released during 2013 and 2014.

Christian Michael Poynter

From Beta to Alpha

A 12-track album based around characters and events from Homestuck, with some songs focusing on orchestral instruments and others on electronic. Piano maintains a consistent presence throughout. It was released on April 4, 2013.


Some Artifacts May Occur

A Homestuck remix album that features a total of seven tracks, most of which are remixes of existing Homestuck songs, and uses a mix of electronic sounds and vocal samples to create hectic music reminiscent of glitches. Released June 23, 2013.

James "Flutterwhat" Fischer


An overarching music project themed around the "Scourge Sisters", Terezi Pyrope and Vriska Serket. Three albums fall into the scourgeQuest series, all with tracks with an emphasis on synths. Has three volumes released in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Another 2015 album, "Glistens", includes collaborations with the Tumblr Nudestuck community as it existed back then, and features ScourgeQuest 3 as well as Dancestor inspired tracks.
See also: "Let Me Dance, Let Me Glisten" single.


Placelocked [Demo]

A preview album of songs inspired by Homestuck. Focuses partially on rock and partially on piano alongside complementary instruments. The full release of Placelocked was never created.

Ducky Senpai

The Planets

A set of two Homestuck fan albums. The Planets is the first and original of the two albums, and is themed around all twenty-one Lands within the four Incipispheres in Homestuck, while Ad Astra is comprised of five notable tracks from The Planets, "entirely revisisted, revamped, and remixed for an EDM audience". Released in 2015 and 2016.


Phemiec's Vocal Songs

Two albums comprised of 12 tracks each. All the tracks have sung lyrics. The first album Songs for Sad Trolls is about the twelve main trolls, while Songs for a Doomed Timeline is, as can be expected, about the doomed timelines in Homestuck. Released June 5, 2015.

Samm Neiland

Tumblrstuck/bent OST: Volumes 0-2

A collection of themes and tunes from MSPA theme fanventures based around the "Tumblrstuck" meme/fad. Released 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Fan Voice Actor Covers

Albums for Homestuck versions of existing vocal songs


A Homestuck voice acting fan group which was based around the practice of rewriting the lyrics of existing songs (most notably those from Broadway productions) to suit the characters and themes of Homestuck, and performing those rewritten songs. Initially was a concrete group with each individual assigned to a specific character, before management of the group was shifted and contributions were made more lax.

Homestuck VA Troupe

A fan group primarily focused on providing voice work for Homestuck comics and fan fiction works; however, members on rare occasion covered rewritten versions of existing songs in a manner essentially identical to that of Broadwaystuck. The Homestuck VA Troupe formally disbanded in early-mid 2013.


Another group following the example of Broadwaystuck, rewriting and covering existing songs to adhere to the themes and characters of Homestuck, and retained Broadwaystuck's former structure: having single individuals assigned to a specific character each. Due to organizational difficulties on the part of the director, Melodystuck formally disbanded on April 16, 2016 after roughly 3-4 years of activity.

The Alpha Kids

Another organized Homestuck singing group following the example of Broadwaystuck, but exclusively limited to the four alpha kids: Jane, Jake, Roxy, and Dirk, along with Dirk's Auto-Responder. Extremely short-lived, they produced a mere three songs before dissipating due to a lack of cohesion.