Homestuck Companion

As of 2023, you're probably better off using either version of the Homestuck Collection with the commentary mod (which is automatically installed in the online version). Only use this if you can only use for whatever reason.

What is this?

Homestuck Companion is an extension for your desktop or mobile browser, which displays Andrew Hussie's commentary for Homestuck up to the first two thirds of Act 5 Act 2, complete commentary for Problem Sleuth and enables keyboard navigation for all adventures on the site.

Additionally, it links your browser to the Homestuck Collection, so that navigating to a Homestuck page makes the corresponding page open in the latter.

How do I use it?

  • Mozilla Firefox (and mobile): Click here to install the extension on Firefox.
  • Google Chrome: Click here to install the extension on Chrome.

Afterwards, navigate to a valid page like You will be able to see the commentary for pages that have it. You can use the Settings menu to disable this behavior as well as the redirection.

Keyboard controls: the Left and Right Arrow Keys allow you to move back and forward in the story. The right Ctrl key is used to open or close Pesterlogs and logs of any kind.