Homestuck Desktop Tools

Desktop programs, cursors, backgrounds and more for the Homestuck fanbase.

Desktop Software


The Unofficial Homestuck Collection

The Unofficial Homestuck Collection is a heavily customised browser, built from the ground up to support Homestuck and its related works. The collection runs Flash content natively, providing the most authentic Homestuck experience possible. The collection contains the other MS Paint Adventures, official Homestuck side-stories, and a garguantuan array of goodies for the enquiring reader, and new-reader mode. Seriously, there is SO MUCH CONTENT in this thing. It's totally ridiculous.

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Pesterchum is an Instant Messaging client copying the look and feel of clients from Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck. We have a full page on this website for its downloads and tutorials.

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Homestuck Companion

Homestuck Companion is a browser extension that adds Andrew Hussie's complete commentary for Problem Sleuth and Homestuck, as well as adding keyboard controls. We also have a full page on this website for downloads and instructions.

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Homestuck POV Cam

The POV Cam allows you to view the pages of Andrew Hussie's Homestuck in a different order to normal, following the timeline of a single character. Good roleplaying and writing tool, not so great for following the story for the first time.



Captchalogue Card Simulator

A Java program meant to simulate a captchalogue card from the webcomic Homestuck. All the operations from the original comic, plus some extras. A very useful tool if you're working on a story featuring Alchemy.



Quirk Assist

Quirk Assist uses macro scripts to rearrange what keys do what, making it so that you can type like a troll, ANYWHERE you want. As long as the script is running, it effects your entire computer, not just a single program. So that means no more copy paste, or painstakingly typing the quirk yourself. Just type away and there it is.



Desktop Sylladex

A fully functioning stack modus for the files on your computer, like a shortcut bar but with sylladex mechanics. Windows only, comes with source code and development guide to add your own sylladexes.


Iquer Zyzyx


A program that translates the text you insert or write into the troll quirk you desire. Allows you to apply multiple quirks at once, though it's outdated compared to website versions.


Homestuck Character Creators


God Tier Dress Up

A dress-up game for designing ascended Homestuck characters.



Fantroll Creator

A sprite-form fantroll creator written in Flash.



Troll Creator

A hero mode fantroll creator written in Flash.



Homestuck Character Creator

A multi-platform creator for sprite-form characters.


Desktop Resources

Homestuck Shimejis

Shimejis are little interactive characters (desktop buddies or mascots) who play around in and on your computer's windows while you do something else. The current colection of over 20 characters is largely by Mozai and akaisha0 and designed for the program Shimeji-EE (check the website for instructions).


Homestuck Desktop Buddies

A new, more modern version of Shimejis that also notifies of updates was made by modestcarl, who plans to add all the beta and alpha kids. As of writing this description, John, Jade and Dave are available. They have also released the source code.



Homestuck Icons

A variety of Homestuck-themed icons for the programs on your computer's desktop.



Homestuck Cursors

A lot of mouse cursors to replace the default ones.


Homestuck Emoticons

A huge variety of emoticons crowdsourced by the MSPA forums between 2009 and 2016.



Homestuck Chrome Skins

A series of Homestuck-themed Google Chrome skins made by Elrune. Included in this are also a bunch of Windows customizations (WMP skins, Logon skins, screensavers), but I've found rarely do any of them work in Windows 10.


Homestuck Wallpapers

A collection of 200 Homestuck wallpapers made throughout the years. Many of these are upscaled panels from the comics, and some are full art from the Art Team tip jar or the Homestuck calendars. Most are great fanmade art.