Game Mods

A list of the Homestuck-themed video game mods made by the fandom, with screenshots and download links. Contact us if you notice a mod missing!

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Definitive Homestuck Reskins

This Isaac mod includes unique and colorful sprites for each Sign of the Zodiac, additional sprites for The Zodiac, Loki's Horns and Magic 8 Ball and a new costume for Loki's Horns.


Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword

CIV4 Homestuck Mod

A mod that adds Homestuck lands and factions to the Beyond the Sword expansion.


Dwarf Fortress


A troll mod for Dwarf Fortress. Besides the usual features, they require ectobiology to reproduce, and grist is there to be found.


Garry's Mod

Homestuck Playset

Garry's Mod Player models and goodies based on the characters and content from the webcomic MS Paint Adventures! There's also a Hero Mode version.


Minecraft Forge


This mod aims to create an implementation of the game SBURB in Minecraft. Featuring the sylladex, alchemy, gates, underlings and more!


Minecraft 1.6


An enormous "Complete the Monument" style Homestuck-themed map for Minecraft. The goal is to gather special blocks from the landscape towards a final goal to build a staircase and Ascend, then complete the final challenge above.



Skins and Texture Packs

Assortment of character skins and the Skaiacraft texture pack (1.8).


Pokemon FireRed


Sburbmon is a hack of Pokémon FireRed that changes the Pokémon into Homestuck characters, among other things like map and music changes.


Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor

Sburban Jungle

Two mods of the song Sburban Jungle for Rhythm Heaven Remix Editor.


Skyrim Classic

Skyrim Homestuck Weapons

Four Homestuck Weapons, from the Sassacrusher, to Zillyhoo, to the Thorns of Oglogoth, to Terezi's Cane, for when you're crossing borders.


Slay the Spire

The Problem Sleuth

Features 75 cards, 12 relics, and more! COMBAT OPERANDI include card manipulation, card retention, character statistics that persist per-run, highly synergistic card options, tricky sequencing and crazy combos. Download


Cherub Race and Troll Race

Two Starbound race mods by Terramines. Cherub mod here.



Other Starbound Mods

  • Trollbound: Another try at a troll race, with better compatibility, costumes and over 100 horns.
  • Starbound Homestuck Weapons: Almost every single Homestuck weapon modded into Starbound.
  • SBURBound: Outdated mod with kid hairstyles and clothing, logos, songs, and more.
  • Yet Another Homestuck Mod: Outdated mod with custom animations, weapons, crafting stations and horn styles.

Super Mario World

Hyper Sburb World

A Homestuck-themed romhack for Super Mario World. You will need to use an IPS patcher and a ROM of the original game.


Team Fortress 2

TF2 Homestuck Maps

The three major maps that were made during the Homestuck fandom's zenith, and some extras:

  • cp_lohac_b3: Control Points in the Land of Heat and Clockwork. Very open map, good for snipers.
  • cp_lotam_b1: Control Points in the Land of Tents and Mirth. Extremely and hilariously confusing architecture, you will get lost.
  • koth_lowas_b3: King of the Hill map in the Land of Wind and Shade. Actually well designed and fun.
  • ctf_lohac_a3: Unfinished capture the flag map for LOHAC. Probably not very playtested.
  • koth_sbahj_pa1: Untextured SBAHJ map with two big stairs. Unplayable, but not in the fun way.


Team Fortress 2

Assorted TF2 Homestuck Mods

Class skins, new weapons, new hats. There are a TON of these, and compatibility is spotty for many. No way we're going to try all of them.



Terraria Homestuck Weapons

A Homestuck weapons pack for Terraria.




A full conversion pack, with Homestuck music, grist, weapons and enemies.


The Sims 3

Sims 3 Troll Horns and Shirts

A pack of horns and shirts so you can roleplay as your favorite Homestuck trolls in the Sims.