Homestuck Fanworks

Fanfiction, fanventures, videos and other derivative works by the Homestuck fandom, and where to find them. If you have anything you'd like to add to this list, please use the Contact page.

Homestuck Fanventures

Sequential webcomics that emulate Homestuck but tell their own story

Alternate Endings to Homestuck

An exhaustive list of fanmade alternate endings for Andrew Hussie's Homestuck, in the fanventure style.

MS Paint Fan Adventures

A website dedicated to artists and writers who need a place to host their stories, MSPA-inspired or not. Has features like custom CSS, flash hosting, image hosting, etc. The main, biggest site for fanventures, most of the popular ones are at least mirrored here.

Omegaupdate Forum Adventures

A forum-based system for posting fanventures. Not very active, but some of them are not found anywhere else, especially smaller ones.

Eagle Time

A forum originally split off from the official MSPA ones, many years ago. Has a lot of old adventures that used to be hosted there, and a few modern ones. Often has original adventures with no relation to Homestuck.

HTML Quests

Fanventure-style stories adapted to play in a single page HTML format in your browser. A selection of 9 stories like Red Dead Virgo are archived here by Mozai.

Homestuck Fanfiction

Homestuck-related stories told mainly in written form

Archive Of Our Own

Also known as AO3, this website is the main modern story hosting site for Homestucks. Has a ton of features like custom CSS, which allows for Homestuck style pesterlogs.

One of the first and the biggest fanfiction sites on the Internet, it hosts many Homestuck fanfics, but lacks features and it's been used less and less often since AO3 arrived into the scene.

Other Homestuck Fanworks

Homestuck fanworks in other mediums

Homestuck Comics

A series of Homestuck-related comics drawn in a traditional fashion.

  • Another World: A 143 page comic made for the Hiveswap Comics Contest. A sequel to the original game, this works as a replacement for Hiveswap ACT 2.
  • 4 Chords: A Homestuck AU (Alternate Universe) where the trolls are humans and Gamzee can't sleep without holding a motherfucker. Popular at the time, ironically hilarious nowadays.
  • Casperstuck: Dave wakes up one morning to find a stranger asleep in his desk chair. When the stranger wakes up, the ghost claims they're best friends.
  • HOMESTUCK DOUJINSHI: A three part shitpost comic by silversolicitor. The first part is basically nonsense, but the final two are high quality and the source of many beloved fandom memes.
  • Nestbound: Kazerad's short series of comics about Skaia's favorite SBURB players.
  • No Red Sweaters: 160+ pages of Homestuck comic about Kankri ending up on Alternia with Team Signless.
  • Horrorstuck: Not to be confused with the actual Homestuck arc, this seems to be a horror roadtrip AU. Doesn't actually use a traditional comic format, but a mixed picture/long text chapter style. I don't have a better place to put it. [Page 2]

Homestuck Reanimated

Throughout the 10s, a new pattern of fanwork emerged (or grew in popularity) - people splice an animation or video in segments of a few seconds, and give each to a different artist to "reanimate". The result is an eclectic mix of quality and artstyles that's quite entertaining to watch.

The Homestuck fandom is not an exception. Here are links to the finished reanimations of Homestuck flashes.

Homestuck Videos

A playlist of the best Homestuck Youtube videos made by the fandom. Updated regularly.

A Video Archive for those that went missing is also available.

Homestuck Coloring Book

Two volumes of coloring books by GeekyCalligrapher. The first volume features common scenes of SBURB sessions, while the second show strifes of the kids and the trolls against their enemies.

Homestuck Cookbook

Known as The Eat Mesa - A MSPA Fan Cookbook, this book features 52 pages of recipes based on Homestuck and other MS Paint Adventures. cannot guarantee their edibility or safety, consult your nearest rat-controlled chef.