Alternate Endings to Homestuck

Homestuck's ending is controversial to say the least, so much so that many fans have taken it upon themselves to write alternate endings to the canonical one.

This list tries to be exhaustive within certain parameters:

I hope this list is useful if you were left unsatisfied. There's also a spreadsheet with more metadata available here. If you have your own continuation that fits the standards of the page, contact us.

TLCStuck: Double Death of the Author

Focuses on finishing everyone's character arcs and SBURB quests. TLC stands for The Lifetime Channel, Life and Time being the aspects of the two writers. Yeah, I don't see the point either. Personally, I think almost no one is in character, making this a frustrating read.

Post-Game Over Pages: 1515 Status: Complete


Hosted on Tumblr, uses simple hand drawn panels, most of them line art. Each of the 97 pages is more of a complete update with multiple panels and pesterlogs, and makes it to the very end of the SBURB adventure.

Post-Game Over Pages: 97 Status: Complete

Mr. Tambourine Man

Started before the end, so some details leading up to the door are different. Focuses on John's character development and metatextuality. In my opinion, the best of the sequel projects thanks to its humble ambitions. Updates around six times a year.

Post-Act 6 Act 6 Pages: 606 Status: In Progress

Burning Down the House

Started after the epilogues, but focuses on life on Earth C before them. Has slice of life elements but also deals with continuing Homestuck's plot. Updates weekly.

Post-Act 7 Pages: 545 Status: In Progress

Act 8

Focuses on conversations between the confused cast, with little plot development. Main author seems pretty busy, not made easier by ambitious projects. In my opinion, meanders a lot and rehashes many Lilypad conversations, with the same slow feeling of late Act 6. Updates around twice a year.

Post-Collide Pages: 444 Status: In Progress

Homestuck² 2: Taking Back Canon

Started after Homestuck^2. Hasn't progressed far, only having a few Earth C scenes. Starts with the comic's authors talking to the camera about how much the current Homestuck sucks and they censor the name "Hussie" because he's Voldemort now I guess.

Post-Act 7 Pages: 113 Status: In Progress

Homestuck: Act Omega

The Condesce gets back up. Though the main writer claims it's on hiatus, it hasn't updated in over a year, and at least one member of the team said it was cancelled. Used to have a huge team, which I believe lead to disconnected scenes, too many clashing ideas and a confusing plotline.

Post-Collide Pages: 605 Status: Hiatus


Started after the epilogues, but focuses on life on Earth C before them. Heavily inspired by sitcoms.

Post-Act 7 Pages: 362 Status: Hiatus

Homestuck: Subscript

Started after Homestuck^2. Another fanventure made in response to the sequel. Very short, but seems like it was going to introduce new characters, species and plot points in Earth C.

Post-Act 7 Pages: 205 Status: Cancelled

Act G

Continues after Game Over. Very short, improves John's decision making during the retcons but doesn't get further in than that.

Post-Game Over Pages: 150 Status: Cancelled