Latest Official Updates to Homestuck

The latest official updates on the state of the Homestuck franchise, and all the official sources of communication.

@homestuck: The official account for Homestuck, used for everything Homestuck-related. Also often reblogs everything in the other official accounts.

Last activity: 8:22 PM UTC, December 18, 2020, announcing Hussie’s next project.

@andrewhussie: Andrew Hussie’s personal twitter, historically used to troll people and directly communicate with the fanbase, used most recently to reblog posts about his newest content.

Last activity: 12:06 PM UTC, September 3, 2021, misc. fandom interaction.

@d-clussie.tumblr: Formerly @mspandrew, this is Andrew Hussie’s personal tumblr, nigh identical in use to his Twitter.

Last activity: 08:41 AM UTC, April 22, 2021, misc. fandom interaction.

@whatpumpkin: Twitter for What Pumpkin Games, formerly simply What Pumpkin, what turned from a merch store into the developer for the Hiveswap games. This account is also used to reblog every Homestuck and merch announcement.

Last activity: 5:02 PM UTC June 23, 2022, Steam sales post.

@hiveswapgame: Account for Hiveswap updates, though it has sometimes mentioned other Homestuck games.

Last activity: 5:07 PM UTC, November 25, 2020, act 2 release and merch update.

@VizMedia: Twitter for Viz Media, mostly known for their manga publishing, who also produced the newest Homestuck books. Though their last Homestuck Tweet is a bit later, their last release of a Homestuck book was March 11, 2020, after which they’ve implied in emails they wouldn’t continue.

Last activity: 7:51 PM UTC, April 13, 2020, marketing tweet.

@homestuckteam: Account made by the Homestuck^2 team to interact with the fanbase. Rarely and unproductively used.

Last activity: 9:51 PM UTC, November 30, 2020, misc. fandom interaction.

@SnakeSolutions: Homestuck^2 claimed to be a co-production of What Pumpkin and Snake Solutions Studio. The company closed down soon after the Homestuck^2 hiatus. This account posted Homestuck^2 updates.

Last Homestuck activity: 12:27 AM UTC, April 3, 2020, Homestuck^2 update.

@ForFansXFans: The official merch store for Homestuck and other franchises. Was acquired in 2021 by GoodSmile, who removed a lot of Homestuck merch, and recently announced a blowout sale that implies it’s not long for this world.

Last Homestuck activity: 5:00 PM UTC April 13, 2022, Homestuck merch blowout sale.