Kanaya Chainsaw tutorial (attempt) >w>

I got a request for this tutorial after putting up my wip pic

I didn’t make mine out of wood like i’ve seen before (cuz i dont have that intelligence experience- main materials were cardboard and duck tape >w>

so here i go! :D


- reference pics (i used this and this and theres a few fan made ones if u search ’kanaya chainsaw’ that also give a good look at the structure-it all depends on your headcanon for the chainsaw size and structure)

- posterboard (got mine at ac moore… i had some left over from another project,,, heres a close up of what im talkin about)

- 2 white duct tape rolls

- 1 black duct tape roll

- scotch tape

- some sort of string, preferably white (just need a little of this.. i just used some thin white yarn)

- lots of cardboard boxes in close sizes to the chainsaw sections

- some cardboard rolls (poster holders, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls)

- some sort of item that is thin and squishy (i used one of those yellow envelopes with the poppy bubbles inside)

Ok! So first, I cut out the top section of the chainsaw using the leftover posterboard i had. I didn’t measure; I just estimated a good size compared to me, which ended up being about 25.5 inches from bottom to highest tip of chainsaw, 6 inches across at the top, and a little less than 6 inches across towards the bottom. (this is just cuz i estimated so it came out uneven lol) - Make sure you cut out two sides.

Then i took a small rectangular piece of the posterboard and duct taped it to the bottom of the two sides so there is somewhat of an even opening. (sorry if this is too confusing). Then I taped each side with white duct tape (not the inside, but do get the edges a little on the inside)


^Here is a pic of the bottom of the two pieces with the small rectangle in between them- I would say that the rectangle shouldn’t be over 2 inches tall and should be the width of your two pieces
^This pic also has the assortment of boxes I accumulated for this project x3 (gushers included owo)

-so after this I started making the spikey bits that come out of the chainsaw (idk what their called lol)… I estimated a triangle (mine ended up being about 2 inches on each side…I used my first triangle as a template for the rest

I made 21 triangles in total by the end but the amount u make depends on how tall you made the chainsaw- I didn’t make them all right away… I made about 10 and then when I was watching korra I taped the few that I had with black duct tape


^This is when I was testing how the triangles would look on the chainsaw… I decided to make mine more equilateral but I think the canon had the triangles pointed in a certain direction– i realized this after i made many triangles so i was just like whateverr


^Here’re a bunch of the triangles in a pile… they were really fun to play with lol


*TiP: Tape the tips of the spikies with scotch tape so the duct tape does not loosen. This happened to me. You don’t have to tape all the tips of each spikie… just the ones that will be sticking out of the chainsaw.

Anyway, I realized these spikies would be much easier to deal with if they were all on a string, so I cut a long piece of white yarn and found the middle of it. I started taping the spikies to it with strips of black duct tape. *TiP for this: tape the edges of the black duct tape strips with scotch tape. This also helps from the black tape loosening, which also happened to me. I had too much faith in the black duct tape staying on *SIGN*


^This is a pic of me taping the spikies on the string… the string also allows for equal spacing along the chainsaw which is awesome. You can also see how i taped the tips of the spikies. You don’t need much tape, just as long as you cover the edge of the taped black duct tape.

Ok, this is where I started making the body of the chainsaw.


^This is where I was estimating my boxes and comparing to the reference pics. I realized that I had to resize all of my boxes so I could get the best size possible. It wasn’t hard; it just took a while. I did use the tissue box for my first part of the body of the chainsaw, but I ended up using a different box for the section below because the box pictured was too big for that section.


^I cut the tissue box so the length of the opening fix the width of the chainsaw top part.




^ (Sorry the pic is upside down lol) I used an extra box to narrow the opening to fit the top chainsaw part nice and snugly


^ My extra box scrap pile lol


^ Here, I tested the snug-ness of the newly formed tissue box. I only used the white tape for only the outside stuff. I used black for new box forming etc. to conserve my white (i only had one roll of white at the time). I noticed that even tho the opening was snug, the chainsaw part would shake around inside of the box. So I used some extra scraps of cardboard to make stoppers inside the box. It was a little bit hard cuz I already had every part of the box taped, so I had to tape the stoppers in by the tiny opening >o>;;


^Here’s what the stoppers looked like after. Towards the end, I added a bit more to one side of the stoppers cuz the chainsaw top part was a little slanted after adding the stoppers. Be watchful of that.


^There’s that box done. :D I taped the bottom of it, but you don’t have to since it will be covered by the next box anyway.

On to the next box. For this, I used a kraft mac and cheese box that I think held the microwavable bowls. Using the reference pics, this next section looks a little wider than the box above it. I had to modify this box as well instead of keeping it its original size.


^ This macaroni box was really flimsy and I needed to make it stronger to support my chainsaw. I used some extra box pieces to strengthen each side of the macaroni box (except for the side I closed at the very end)

For the next part, I looked at the reference pics and was a little confused. I knew there was a little sticky-outy bit at the bottom, but i didn’t really know how to go about it. I ended up finding a small box and centered it to the bottom of the macaroni box and had a thin box coming out of the bottom of it. (I’ll just show it cuz my description sounds a little confusing).


^This is the tea cup box I used. I also strengthened this one a lot cuz it is what my whole chainsaw would be resting on, along with the next box. But I didn’t have to change the size of this box because it really was the perfect size.

I don’t have a pic of the next box, but I did use the gushers box. I had to make it thinner so that it would be as skinny as the tea cup box. I also really REALLY strengthened it with some thick scraps because this is the very bottom piece. Wouldn’t want it to give out under the pressure. >o>;;

For this next part, I really had no idea how I would make the curve. I was at my college dorm at the time (that’s how I got all the boxes lol) and literally went looking through the garbage bins on my floor. i found a yellow envelope with the poppy bubble stuff in it and I decided to use that.


^I cut it to the width of the tea cup box, folded it over, taped it, and reinforced it with a piece of cardboard to keep its slope. You probably can use somethin else for this slope part but this is what i found so blah x3


^ I taped over the slope,, for the edges, I just taped right over them. You can probably use cardboard to strengthen, but I didn’t.

After that, I taped all of the boxes together and retaped over some of the boxes that are pure white (check reference pics).


^ This is what I ended up with. A week later, I had gathered my materials for the handles and realized maybe I should have made them while making the boxes to give it more strength. So, I beat myself up a little but whatever, I couldn’t go back.

I gathered a bunch of toilet paper rolls, poster sender box things,,, my school had really thick paper towel rolls in the bathrooms so I used those too.

I don’t have pics of me makin the handles, but it’s basically easy i guess.

I cut the rolls to make them thinner,,, I did the handles on the bottom first and taped them really snugly. For the bigger handle, I taped it together right onto the chainsaw body, which may not have been the best idea, cuz later, it was really hard to get a nice flat taping around the handle.


^Here’s the handles after finishing taping them. I used a cut piece of toilet paper roll to the bigger handle to give that round look where it connects to the chainsaw body.

Really REALLY tape the handles good onto the body. These have to support the chainsaw when you carry it so tape well and awesome.

For connecting the spikie string you have to the chainsaw top part itself, just use a piece of rolled black duct tape and put it under a spikie and push it in between your two top chainsaw pieces. Keep doing this with the rest of your spikies. Make sure theyre evenly spaced, and have only enough spikies to reach the place where, when you put the top chainsaw part into the top box, the top chainsaw part is no longer seen.

For connecting the chainsaw top part to the body itself, I first made sure the stoppers inside the top box where perfect. If not, make adjustments, like i did. I added a little piece of scrap posterboard to one of the stoppers so the chainsaw wouldn’t move around if I swung around it a little. Then I taped down the bottoms of the spikie string to the bottom for the top chainsaw piece. Then I put some rolled duct tape into the top box where the top chainsaw piece will fit snugly into. Then I put the top chainsaw piece into the top box. I taped all around the top chainsaw piece REALLY well and snugly, so that the chainsaw wont move, again, if you swung it around.


^ This is what I ended up with. I still am going to paint the gray parts. You can use gray tape if you want. For me, the gray tape I have is a little too distinct. I want a very light gray like in the reference pics, so that’s what im gonna do next.

UPDATE: Here is a link to my fully completed chainsaw.
Here is a link to the dimensions that the boxes ended up being.

I hope that helped anyone you needed it!!! :D

I also hope it wasn’t too confusing… ask me any questions you have!!!

thanks for reading :3

I would love to see how yours turned out! So send me any pics you have! :)