I just got an ask about my Dirk God Tier hood pattern so did a small write up explaining it and then I replied private by accident haha whoops ;;;;

So in case anyone else is curious at all here is some help!

Here is the basic pattern I drafted. The pattern lines are in black, measurement lines in orange, and notches color coordinated.

There are 3 different pieces: Hood, front capelet, back capelet. To clean finish it you need to double all pieces.

****The back “cape” part here is pictured as pointed rather than a square cape because this was made before the official Alpha godtiers happened in the comic so was based off the first single drawing! If you want the square shape just cut square rather than the triangle shape for the back capelet as the only difference! I haven’t had a chance to draw it here!****


This is a basic outline so I didn’t go into too much depth about the actual sewing process.

My hood laying flat:



As a finishing touch, depending on the fabric you choose and how it fits you, you could add stuffing into the tail of the hood to make it more “bouncy and magical”. You can also add a horsehair hem to the hood opening to make it lay more open and round. For my Dirk hood I didn’t add these, because of how it looked on me, but I’ve added both to other God Tier hoods and it looked great. For reference my fabric is a Cotton sateen, which I choose because it was the same as my pants and I wanted some body/stiffness for my hoods shape.

This is a basic outline, if you have any specific questions about the construction feel free to message me! 
Hope this makes sense and can possibly be useful!

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