Flawed Recommendations: You Were Warned



In the near future, science has discovered and investigated the reality of the soul, a top-secret facility on the ocean floor monitors the depths for creatures beyond human comprehension, and its eccentric inhabitants balance the familiar challenges of life, love and fulfillment with the surreal challenges of a continually shifting, mind-bending new reality.

Why it's flawed: Were this story unfinished, it’d be with the main recs. Unfortunately it has an ending as bad and anticlimactic as that of The Northern Caves, but which also retroactively ruins the story to the point where I created a whole separate list for it.

Words: 69,882Archive of Our Own



If I wrote my self-insert character as having the same occupation as myself - that is, security guard - he would have a ready-made excuse to be at Winslow. The last detail fell into place...

Why it's flawed: Out-of-character behavior, a second act that drags, events which work out far too well for the MC, and a frankly absurd amount of tape recorders. This story may not work for you, but there’s something undeniably funny about seeing Paul Blart attempt to beat Worm in Pacifist Mode.

Words: 486,945FFnet


Tails Gets Trolled

A group of trolls start to harass Tails, forcing him to go to his friends for help. Sonic suggests trying to reason with the trolls, but Shadow insists that violence is the only answer. Soon enough, shit goes down and Shadow decides to create "The Troll Slaiyers", a group of people dedicated to killing all trolls. What happens afterward cannot be described in words. It must be seen to be believed.

Why it's flawed: I mean, look at it. Actually, why the fuck isn’t this thing in the main list? It's got some gore, so make sure to ask your parents for permission.

Pages: 474tailsgetstrolled.org


Bond Breaker

From Naruto to Frozen, how far can an edgy self-insert go?

Why it's flawed: Honestly, this is complete garbage. It's here because I was fascinated with how meta it went, and the kind of bullshit it pulled. No story has even come close to beating it since. Only read it if you're a fan of postmodern writing experiments, not if you want a good story.

Words: 290,000Sufficient Velocity


A Wand for Skitter

In the aftermath of a series of murders of muggleborn families, supervillain-turned-superhero Taylor Hebert finds herself in the body of a first-year Hogwarts student. Now, amongst groups of the most likely suspects, she must track down the people responsible.

Why it's flawed: A Worm/Harry Potter crossover doesn't quite work. Taylor is hilariously edgy, and the writing lets her get away with far too much, but this story’s update rate and pacing are both so fucking fast that you can’t help getting swept along for the ride.

Words: 269,393FFNet

PT Brainium

Micro Gates

An inventor creates tiny wormholes held in metal rings. Then he does amazing things with them.

Why it's flawed: One of the most barebones stories you will ever read. The synopsis above really sums it up, with some added Elon Musk hero worship. Don't expect a lot of conflict or character interaction, this is basically (admittedly really good) engineering porn.

Words: 130,000StoriesOnline

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