May 2016


I have gotten to the black queen I got a bit farther because I paused in the middle of this post, and am starting to start getting a feel for things plot wise. I told @homestuckbecausereasons that it’s hard making any big commentary rn that is more than being like “I like this. and that. and that other thing. I like them.”

The Spades Slick stuff was the first part that I felt like was hindered instead of helped by the format. It still worked, but it also would have been really sweet with something that could have fully shown mvement. It is also the stuff that has me the most like WHAT HAPPENS HOW DOES IT ALL TIE TOGETHER

I really like the way all the chess piece people look at. And I really love terezi.

Choosing not to make commentary is a totally valid choice. Homestuck took me SO FUCKING LONG because I insisting on liveblogging every goddamned thing.

Although you have seen me comment on Naruto with you on IM so like, you have some idea of how I can’t enjoy something unless I’m telling someone about it. 

The Intermission is pretty confusing for a long time. It makes sense after a while but for the moment it’s just a good introduction to the time travel bullshit that happens in a bit. 

The carapacians (chess people) are so great. 


So, like, I started reading Homestuck on the advice of a friend, and was actually pretty annoyed that I liked it. Because it’s really long and that’s annoying. And then I reached the beginning of act 4 but I was so bored by the previous stuff that I quit.

Now I have been convinced to try again, and liveblog it, so here goes.

Oh shit you guys, it’s the two year anniversary of when I started liveblogging Homestuck. Damn.

Couldn’t be happier that I did, too. Thanks, PAST Homestuckbecausereasons [PHBR] 2 YEARS AGO.