December 2014

Another video reaction, because why the fuck not.

This felt like a very empty update to me, but I’m sure in twenty minutes there will be all kinds of theory about all the significant things I missed.


the game is glitched

the music is all messed up, “characters” are appearing where they’re not supposed to, multiple dialogue branches of the same option, etc

this is why you shouldn’t suddenly remove the game cartridge

Gamzee probably only showed up because code from this flash was probably used.


the two i could find smashing roxy’s spire

Reblogging for posterity, in case it gets deleted.

Aaaaand the flash has been fixed. The spire is still clickable, but now nothing happens…unless you click a bunch of times, then you get the same sup window. Mistake for sure.

The choice, explained by two points of view.

This is why I love Homestuck. Jade’s story was ridiculously opaque to start with, and John and Roxy’s descriptions of their stipulations are pretty vague too, but put them together and you get a much more cohesive idea of what is going on. John agreed to take himself to the alpha timeline with his retcanoning power and all his knowledge, but the cost was Jade’s suffering (possibly the rest of the team too, we don’t know what happened between Jade meeting alt!Calliope and this one). 

I find it interesting that two of the most caring, selfless characters in the story essentially had to inflict suffering on others. They didn’t really know that’s what they were doing, but they did it all the same. 

I am really curious and also really do not want to know about how Roxy dies. I kind of get the feeling that Jade spending three years alone is the equivalent to John’s suffering over all his friends dying–and that Roxy just dying won’t cause the same pain as what she went through, but that somebody will have to go through losing all their friends/spending three years completely alone because of her death. I hope not, though!

This was a great fucking upd8.




SON OF A BITCH, I only JUST NOW got this

Giant blank space? Time is stopped for as long as they want? Roxy training to use her powers better?

It’s Dragon Ball Z’s FUCKING Hyperbolic Time Chamber. And you know Andrew did it intentionally because of that reference to it Dave made earlier (pic above). FUCK.

This parallel only just occurred to me but I’m sure a lot of you thought of it first and are laughing your asses off right now.

EDIT: hextrudedcubes said:

also, with these past 2 updates, MSPA pages are, well, e%ceeding a certain number in quantity

Are you KIDDING me

He saved the hyperbolic time chamber for right when the comic went over p=009000, god FUCKING DAMMIT

And for that matter there’s another “hyperbolic time chamber“ reference that Hussie’s made recently.

Ah right, he did the writing on that one! “Hyperbolic Playtime Chamber”… I had a feeling there was one I was missing, dammit, that explains it.

Hello yes I am a DBZ nerd and the hyper gravity chamber and the hyperbolic time chamber were two very different things. The gravity chamber was basically just a room existing in regular time with a machine that controlled gravity, and the time chamber was basically a different dimension that had slightly higher gravity but the most important thing was that one year in it=one day in the real world.

Not to say it’s not a reference, just that Dave’s reference and this reference would be to two different things. Of course Dave’s reference could just be enough to bring up DBZ period but I am a nerdy pedant.

Homestuck in a nutshell, amirite?

This is so cute I can’t stand it.

This is utterly terrifying.

I think they might be about to eat Jane’s soul.

I wonder what timeline this Jane is from! Maybe she’s not even dead!

Two things:

1. A pocket like that is legit the worst place to put something small and precious. 

2. Gamzee is totally in that closet about to hop out. Terezi told you to show up, do what she says, and leave! But no, you had to tease us about the conversation we don’t get to see, and then hug everybody, and then monologue! God, John. 



Those tweets and this update make me ever so happy. Yay for girlxgirl action*.

Homestuck has amazing faces. Just look at his expression. It is so simple and 100% perfect.

I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

Awwww! Roxy is going to get help training in the hyperbolic time chamber!

Since sprites have so much knowledge about Skaia and the game, I wonder if Jaspersprite is here to give us some special knowledge. I hope so!