July 2014

That’s the clock and curtain that shows up between acts and shit…Like, does that mean that Caliborn/Calliope’s storyline is taking place after the comic ends or something? (That’s not a real question. At least I think it’s not. Help, nothing makes sense anymore!)

idk how many people have told you yet but in the act 6 act 4 video it sounded like you thought the skeletons were consorts, they were actually underlings. also in that ask about how people think lord english went crazy from the green sun and used jadesprite as an example, when jadesprite was talking to jade said that she couldn't stop staring at the green sun and it hurt to look at it

(Thanks to everyone else who submitted similar asks, btw! So hard to pick one to answer!)

You’re right, it makes way more sense for them to be underlings than undead consorts. Eugh, poor things, they’re literally just bones without prototyping? Man, Dirk, why couldn’t you have thrown some pillows at the Kernelsprites while you were flying around rapping and resurrecting beautiful ladies?

I guess I need to go back and look at Jadesprite’s stuff again. I assumed it was all just her being super upset about coming back from the dead. But if the Green Sun is really fucking over Lord English, that makes Doc Scratch feel a bit more…sinister, to me.

Oh my god, you silly little child! Paper from books is terrible for soaking up anything! 

I feel like this is a reference to something and I just can’t put my finger on what. Aside from typical teenage angst, that is. 

I’m pretty sure he was shackled so he couldn’t kill his sister! and for other reasons like that. But who shackled him? 

I feel like a bad English grad for not having a wanky academic term to apply to this block of awesomeness. Caliborn is aware that someone is dictating his thoughts, somewhere! Awesome!

Because laptops are fucking awesome and sometimes you need to be able to move your entire computer from one part of the desk to another! Or…Well, I’m not sure if Calliope even had other places to sit or anything in her half of the room, and I doubt she would use it in the sarswapagus. Still, Caliborn needs to stop being so judgmental.

I was so momentarily happy when I saw Roxy messaging him with “Calliope.” ALAS! 

Also we missed a golden humor opportunity where a Calliope supporter and a Caliborn supporter could both be yelling the names at the shared-body, and it keeps switching between the two rapidly.

Roxy’s summary of Dirk’s epic suicide and three-way resurrection is the best story ever. 

Also just what is superhuman gayness? Is he like, a seven on the Kinsey scale? 

I am really dying to know what the specifics are for the background of this picture. Why is Jane shaking Dirk? Why is Jake shaking Dirk’s decapitated head? 

Oh, fucking a, Gamzee, what are you doing there and how did you get there? And don’t you feel bad for being such a fucking terrible friend to Karkat?

I suppose this proves(ish) that the whole vast honk thing is another cause-effect loop. Gamzee got it from Lord English, Lord English got it from Gamzee. In a round about way, but essentially true.

You finish brutally gunning down a semi-innocent clown for like five solid minutes and turn your attention toward this mysterious tower. What the hell is this thing? Maybe that clown could have helped you understand what you’re supposed to do in this empty wasteland, but no, you had better ideas. And all of them were bullets.

“You had better ideas. And all of them were bullets.”

That line is so perfect I want it cross stitched on a pillow. Because every time I see it, it will make me happy.

So does this mean Caliborn has some crazy exile in his head who is making him think thoughts and disguising them as Caliborn’s own thoughts?

God, I can’t help it, Caliborn’s angry little face is so fucking adorable. He’s trying so hard but he’s got those cute little red cheeks and that widdle bow tie and those darling suspenders! 

I love whoever is talking to Caliborn (and for some reason in my head I’m convinced it’s Hussie’s avatar, which I’m really not sure about). They’re so fantastically obstinate and keep mocking Caliborn without him realizing it.

I…feel kind of bad for him…

I mean, he’s a kid. Who never had a parent, who had to share his body with someone he despised, and he’s obviously really ashamed of not being that smart. Like…I kind of feel like nobody really taught him right from wrong, so even though he knows killing his sister is wrong, he doesn’t understand why, or how serious it is. 

I have a tendency to woobify characters, but I’ve also got a real soft spot for kids who are on their own. Like, he never had much chance to be anything other than his most basic nature.

I appreciate on a deep level how much he is shitting on the stupid “people with disabilities are inspirations” trope. 

Well, now I’m not sure what to think about him! Exile was my only guess. I mean, unless he’s like…some equivalent to the trolls for the beta kids. Like, someone from another universe who can contact him and is fucking with him.

Apparently the HTML used to say “authorlog” rather than pesterlog or dialoglog, but it’s gone now. So I’m not sure if that’s points towards it being Hussie’s avatar insert, or whatever. 

I second that god damn it. I want to know everything about his species! NOW! 

However, knowing that cherubim eventually have one of their personalities/souls/whatever take over the body completely is interesting. I guess that’s one way to make them grow as people–whatever Caliborn would have had to do to become the dominant one and whatever he would have gained from that is now off the table. 

Oh my god, Gamzee is dragging himself along the barren ground, leaving a trail of purple blood, towards the guy who shot him multiple times. God, Gamzee, just die, as a favor to all of us.

More evidence of Caliborn being angry about fraudulent things and things that pretend to be stuff they’re not?

I love this person. Trolling baby Lord English!

So, definitely Hussie’s avatar, then. 

That is pretty much how I feel right now! Kawaii’d to death!


It’s the juju breaker thing! From one of the flash games! I remember finding it before! So the jujus are some kind of threat to Caliborn?

It’s universe was about to explode? Umm…I’m pretty sure Jade grabbed the kids’ four planets and Skaia, and not Earth, right?

So I had to hit the Google machine and look up Yaldabaoth. Apparently that’s one name for some kind of creator figure, the Demiurge, son of either chaos or void, who maybe created mankind and then got jealous of us (of course, we are pretty great) and did the whole tree of knowledge BS. He’s basically God, but malevolent. His gnostic myths are pretty interesting, at least on the wiki. He seems to be generally associated with arrogance.

So, his denizen has a heavy creator bent, and for him victor and defeat will have nothing to do at all with creating a universe. I wonder if victory for him had something to do with creating the Green Sun? 

Eee! There could not possibly be a cuter troll sprite combination than Feferi and Nepeta!

So, I kind of get the feeling that Jake is a terrible friend. (And probably also terrible boyfriend.) He just comes off as super conceited here. It’s pretty clear that Jane is not interesting in talking but he just keeps going on and on and on!

Oh my god, it is so cathartic to see Jane yell at Jake.

Yeah, definitely a terrible boyfriend. Like, he knows why Dirk is clingy, but he won’t talk about it with him? He just goes around being unhappy, and vanishes for days without saying anything? That’s a dick move, Mr. English. Dirk is adorable, he deserves better.

Roxy’s face right here is perfect. 

I dunno, isn’t someone who acts like a douche and talks like a douche actually just a douche? I get socially awkward foot in mouth syndrome, but Jake is just kind of an ass–right now anyway.



Oh, Roxy, no. 

“How about we gnaw that one off and start over?” HAHA

I’m not sure if he’s being serious or making stuff up. I wouldn’t put it past him to just mash keys for shits and giggles, to get Jane to listen to him a bit longer. It certainly can’t be a cherub thing, since Calliope had no problem with it. Maybe it’s just Caliborn, but eh. He’s getting really obnoxious again and I don’t find him cute or pitiable anymore.

OFFICIALLY BACK TO HATING CALIBORN! No more feeling bad for him because he is a kid and he had no parents and was in a fucked up situation. 

Is it bad that I really don’t care about dad? Didn’t before, really, either. I do care about Jane being so upset, though. Poor baby.

Oh shit. Oh no. Terrible things will be happening soon. And terrible things were already happening! 

Okay, so dad is alive, and apparently the head of some sort of fedora cult. From a swanky prison. Well then.


Woah, shit just got weird. That’s the Sburb logo, Roxy is walking through it to get to Calliope’s safe place? The fuck?

Dead!Calliope is really cool.

Also, awww, Roxy is her best friend. That’s adorable.

Awwww, baby. 

I wonder what a cherub union would mean. Sounds like they would be a serious force to be reckoned with, muse of space and lord of time together as one person? 

Oh. My. God. That is so cool!

God, I’m dying to see what Calliope would look like with enough will to overcome Caliborn. Like, all kindness and consideration with ironclad determination. 

I gather that this is big. I mean, it’s basically been said before, but Calliope is putting everything together. So, the troll universes were supposed to lead to the human universes, and only then can they really create a new universe…and I am hoping “all walk through the door” means the trolls and the humans. And it sounds like somehow making this universe will keep them safe from Lord English…somehow. And probably whatever bigger force is involved. 

Awww. Poor baby, don’t blame yourself! I mean, you should still do something about it, but he was going to get the power anyway, due to cause-effect loops. 

Woah. Caliborn’s black holesprite just sucked up the entire red star. 

Er, if Calliope’s dream bubble represents reality. I’m not sure how it works. 


Has Roxy considered dating women, since the guys in her life suck and/or are gay? I think she and Calliope would make a cute pair. I mean, you don’t get that kind of trust just anywhere. Most people don’t go, “Kill myself? Well, if you say so, sounds great!”

I’d totally assumed she kidnapped Roxy on Lord English’s orders. But doing it as a way to double-cross Lord English is faaascinating! Is she going to use Roxy to cover up something she’s doing? Or is it something to do with the cracks he’s making in the void? HM!

HAHAHAHA. Finally, a mother/daughter-mother/daughter meeting!

Oh no! Rose’s mere presence could summon Lord English? Even from the middle of Calliope’s spiral? 

Calliope’s freak out is adorable. But totally understandable.


Oh, Calliope, you adorable nutterbutter.

Oh my god, Condesce, just how old are you? 

…I wish I could put animated gifs on my folders and have them work…