July 2014

Jade eating cake via magical levitation is sooo cuuuuute.


Jade, what is the cake doing over your head? 

The squiddles! I wonder what dark, hidden agenda they were pushing. I mean, what interest would the horrorterrors have in infiltrating children’s television?

I think John is going a little crazy. Can you get cabin fever when you have access to five entire planets? 


John’s rage is adorable.

Jade, just let him calm down, he can’t do nothing until you transport him out!

Awwwww, poor baby needs a nap. He exhausted himself being angry over everything.

Bwa ha ha ha, Nice Guy Ampora. 

Somehow still much better than Eridan. He’s so pathetic, I want to pat him on the head and squeeze his cheeks.


Greaser Cronus, always viewing his friends as potential lovers, hitting on everyone he sees, making horrifyingly awesome sex puns.


I know all the characters end up growing on me, but I really don’t like this new set of trolls. With the exception of Meenah and, grudgingly, Aranea. 

Kankri’s social justice powers are so strong he can derail conversations to point out bigotry even when he’s far away!

Well, I guess now we know why Mituna is so much worse off than Sollux. Don’t eat the mind honey!

Humankin! Oh my god, this part really is tumblr. I love it.

Such a Nice Guy. Just saying he doesn’t care about the hemospectrum to get laid. And he can’t even do that. What a doucheface. He’s worse than Eridan.

I just found a chess juju with a bunch of pieces missing, and red and green pieces like the ones Caliborn and Calliope were playing with. Now I wish I’d kept a list of the other jujus I’d found. Hmmm!

This is a Meulin’s face appreciation post. What a cutie.

Is that supposed to sound like a play on a certain euphemism for vagina?




I just retrieved the codpiece Gamzee was wearing when he met with Jane and prototyped her kernelsprite with Tavros and Vriska. And now they’re talking about Caliborn (haha calico cat pun). Shit just super fucking dark and serious. 

And then I had them talk again and they had no idea what just happened. 

Gamzee is behind something horrible. And I don’t think any amount of paps or shushing will help.

So he’s got one of the boxes, like the one Calliope had her juju in. Interesting.

And he chewed his own tongue off? What the ever loving fuck? (how is he even talking…)


Man, Karkat, I am so with you there.

I love Karkat’s shouty moral support. He’s a good friend.

Yeeeees, this is glorious. 

Angry yelly Karkat is so much better than patronizing rambly Kankri.

Oh shit, did Kurloz do something to Mituna? Wouldn’t surprise me.

GOD NO HE IS NOT. Goddamn Makaras, being disarmingly low-key.

Enjoying a retread of your past murders, Jackquerel? Look, John’s corpse is even still there!

Oh my gosh.

I know it’s a dream bubble so it’s not reality, but it would be really cool if John could actually do that. 

I know Tavros is dead, so he doesn’t have irises or pupils, but the way his eyes are drawn makes it look like his eyes are rolled up into his head. Like he’s just soooooo annoyed with John.

Oh my god, tell me Tavros isn’t planning on proposing to Vriska. That is a terrible idea!

Oh my gaaaawd, he is! Oh my god, that’s such a bad idea!


They’re meeting in person(ish) for the first time! Or I guess Vriska is meeting alpha-timeline John for the first time, and he’s meeting her for the first time, full stop.


Ouch, stabbed right in the feels. 

Well, between Caliborn’s talk of shitty twist endings and red herrings, I’m pretty sure that Lord English isn’t the big bad. And this is some anvilicious foreshadowing. 

Maybe the real big bad is behind Lord English’s madness.

Man, I am loving this info dump on Lord English. I’m pretty sure we’ll need all three to take down LE. Vriska is naturally being totally full of herself. 

I’m trying to make some guess about what the weapon would be. Something pool related? Something related to pimps? I don’t know.

Huh, so Lord English has something against the horrorterrors, then? I’m so curious. Another thing I can’t make a guess on.

Well I wasn’t expecting Rufio to literally be there in all his Rufio glory! He even looks like the character!

Also, love that Kankri would jump on Rufioh for how he describes himself. Whatever, Kankri, mutations are the best.

Haha, oh, of course. God Kankri, shut up. 

God, if my Japanese was just a little better…and if I cared just a little bit more…

Uuuuuh, I’m pretty sure I just looted a horse dildo from a chest.

Hahaha, that’s really cute.

Oh come on, Dave, we all know that’s why we love Rose the best!

Rose’s face, oh my god.

I love her and Kanaya so much!

(please don’t spam my askbox with spoilers or anything, my poor screener needs a break)

A romantic date, a romantic date, a romantic date!

Guys I am so happy, decent f-f relationships in entertainment are so rare. I love this.

This post has no real reason. Just, oh my god, Rose’s face. 


If only Rose wasn’t drunk as a skunk and Kanaya wasn’t completely flummoxed.

Oh my god.

At least Rose looks pleased. If she dies of massive brain trauma, she’ll have died happy.

And then she’ll come back to life, but I’m still concerned.


So, it’s totally the treasure to defeat Lord English, right? Nothing else would make sense.

I made some notes while I had no power and was reading past stuff!

I have no power but I can read the act 6 search page, so while I do that I will write down some thoughts to post later. 
In a conversation with Jane, Calliope says she is not in Jane’s solar system but much farther away, in a different universe. Except we just saw that she’s living on earth. I considered that she could be from a different part of her timeline but I’m not sure that makes sense. 
At first I thought that Caliborn was lying about lil cal being a bad sign, but after rereading his conversations, he seems honestly disgusted with cal for being a puppet, the same way he was mad at the auto responder for not being an actual person. I’m pretty sure this hatred for person-like objects or beings is relevant somehow. 
Also with all Caliborn’s talk of shitty twist endings and red herrings I wonder if it won’t turn out that he isn’t Lord English. And I’m pretty sure that there’s something worse than him waiting in the wings. Who knows, maybe doc scratch is behind everything after all. 
I assumed everything Calliope said about her species was about the trolls, now I wonder. She could be lying, using the details she got from roses book or she could, be telling the truth and it just turns out they’re close enough to trolls to allow for assumptions. Like her ancestors precede her by millennia…might explain things a bit. 
I also super love dialoglog. 
Fuck, I can’t get to the act 6 scripts anymore. I have 1-4 and 5 though. 
I forgot that Sollux predicted his death like, completely accurately. Wow. Oh god and then he goes on to compare himself, a prophet, going blind to an angel gettings it’s wings. And says angels are terrible creatures which paradox space uses to usher in “the end.” So I guess Caliborn and Calliope are due for some feathery flappers. 
Huh, Aradia just said that prototyping the frog head would be vital to later success. I can’t remember if that happened yet…but considering the trolls failed and Aradia and the voices knew she would fail, I wonder if it will come into play later, with some future genesis frog or something. 
I should remember next time I have my notes to see if the screen name initial pairs (ie tc and ct) have any significance now that we know the aspects and classes are paired. 

Whee, a giant fight with way too many characters!

And now for some introductions to pretty, pretty planets!